About Gallagher & Burk Inc.

Gallagher & Burk, Inc. is a local paving and grading general contractor and construction materials supplier that has been serving clients in the City of Oakland and the East Bay Area since the 1920s. 

Gallagher & Burk owns and operates a modern 400-tph hot plant, located on High St. in Oakland, which features a Recycled Asphalt product system with heated silos producing asphalt concrete products.

Over the past 80 years, Gallagher & Burk has performed work for many private and public clients, including The Port of Oakland (more than 60 maritime and aviation projects), the City of Oakland, Matson Terminals, Sea Land Terminals, Southern Pacific Railroad, and Union Pacific Railroad.

Not only does Gallagher & Burk focus on building great projects, we believe in creating strong relationships and delivering value to the community. We are proud to have been a solid member of the Oakland community for generations and look forward to playing a role in the East Bay Area’s future.

In 1998, Oliver de Silva, Inc. acquired Gallagher & Burk from the Gallagher family and has continued to run the business as Gallagher & Burk, Inc., operating from its headquarters in Oakland and serving customers in the surrounding area. Under separate ownership, Gallagher & Burk operates using a service agreement with DeSilva Gates Construction which provides a variety of management services.

Management Team

David DeSilva


Pete Davos

Vice President of Construction Operations

Ziad Nassoura

Director of Construction

Affiliated Companies